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Congratulations HSA Euless Team!
Our High School students have been working so hard all year to be able to compete at the UIL District 11 meet this past Wednesday, March 21,2018. We are proud to announce that our students won numerous top ranking awards. Be sure to congratulate these incredible Harmony Tigers.


Individual Events
Computer Science: Shawn McAnalley (3rd place)
Math: Dave Park (5th place)
Social Studies: Gabriel Cantanelli (1st place)
Science: Shawn McAnalley (1st Place) Arnold Langat (2nd Place)
Physics: Shawn McAnalley (1st Place)
Chemistry: Shawn McAnalley (1st Place)

Team Events
Science: 1st place
Computer Science: 2nd Place

Please see the attached 2018/2019 School Calendar

2018-2019 School Calendar DFW District